Sunday, April 8, 2007

Grace and "Central Sanity"

A big thanks to Pete Abel at Central Sanity ("Supporting the rebellion of reasonable people in an unreasonable world") for pointing readers to an excellent post on the lack of grace in politics by Dennis Sanders at NeoMugwump ("The rants, musings and stray thoughts of an independent-minded Republican").

Sanders writes that
Grace is so missing in American politics. There is not much sense of forgiveness or even humanity among the diehard partisans...I don’t know what has happened in American politics that people have taken politics so seriously that they hate those who don’t agree with them or consorted with the "enemy."
Some of us came to political independence for this very reason. We couldn't reconcile the lack of grace on the part of political partisans, both Democrats and Republicans, with their claim to speak for people of faith. And I don't mean just the politicians; I also mean partisan Christians who have never run for office but have taken politics so seriously that they spew venom toward the "enemy" and claim to have a lock on absolute political truth.

Thanks, Dennis, for a great Easter-season reminder of the need for grace in political life.

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