Thursday, May 22, 2008

Why I Heart Jesse Ventura

If you missed last night's Larry King Live, you missed some of the most reasonable comments made so far in this most unreasonable of political seasons. King's featured guest was former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura, who was allegedly promoting his barely mentioned new book, "Don't Start the Revolution without Me." I haven't read that one, but I did read "Do I Stand Alone?" and consider it to be a rare commonsense treatise on American politics.

Anyway, last night I was reminded of why I like Ventura the politician. Here are a few of the things he said:

  • On the federal deficit: "We're $9 trillion in debt; that means a baby born tomorrow will be saddled with $30,000 worth of debt before they've even taken their first breath of life."
  • On Hillary Clinton: "We're a free country, and Hillary Clinton should be able to run until she deems that she can't compete anymore."
  • On Barack Obama: "He's making people aware...that's the best thing you can have for a democracy, is to have citizens that pay attention and hold their feet to the fire."
  • On Ralph Nader:  "He should [run]; this is the United States. We're free. You have every right not to vote for him."
  • On the Democratic Party: "If there's anyone that can blow the election, it's the Democrats."
  • On election spending: "I won't spend more money [on campaigning] than I'll make [in office]."
  • ON McCain's age: "How is it that a federal employee [is] required by law to retire at age 65, and yet you can run for president ... at any age. John McCain could not get hired by the federal government, but he can become the head of the federal government ... It's the hypocrisy of the system."
  • On ballots: "I want to see on all ballots now 'None of the Above.'"
  • On long campaigns: "You shouldn't be campaigning before you can file for the job."

Ventura announced on the program that he's considering running for Senate as an independent against incumbent Norm Coleman and contender Al Franken. I'm well aware that in his political life, Ventura has said and done some boneheaded and ill-advised things. But I'd love to cover his campaign --- or even work on it, even though it would mean a temporary move to Minnesota.

So, Mr. Ventura, if you choose to run, I hereby apply for a position as your media point person or chief official blogger or whatever. I may disagree with you from time to time, but I fully agree with your brand of independent politics. Please run. The Senate needs you.


P. J. said...

I would have never have given Jesse Ventura a second thought, but based on those quotes, I am reconsidering.

Had I heard those words on their own I would say, "YES!!! this is the kind of person I would want as a leader in this country!"

I hope he continues. I will be sure to check back for updates. and good luck!

Marcia Ford said...

I do hope Ventura runs. He said he might...we'll see. He'd certainly make it an interesting race!

JustJan said...

The 9 trillion dollar debt number is a pet peeve of mine. When we factor in Social Security, Medicare and unfunded government pensions, the number more correctly stands at 59 trillion or 175,000 per person.

I don't always agree with Jesse, but I do appreciate the character. Unfortunately, most people don't consider character as a factor when they vote.