Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Breaking News! Voters to Decide Election!

Honestly, sometimes I'm ashamed to call myself a journalist.

Over the weekend NBC aired a segment on a presidential poll that narrowed down the results to those voters most likely to vote in the fall.

The utterly brilliant on-air reporter offered this astute observation:

"So it looks as if this year's presidential election will be decided by those who actually show up at the polls in November."

Who writes this stuff? Who edits this stuff?

The world needs me, I tell you, the news-reporting, book-editing, all-manner-of-communicating world needs me. And fortunately, I'm available.


Makeesha said...

Hey I just thought I'd give you a heads up that I just posted a review of your book (oh, and I'm a knitter too which made me like you even more hehe)


gratefulbear said...

I've posted a review also:


Renegade Paladin said...

And Captain Obvious strikes again.

Who writes this stuff indeed. The standards for hiring editors seem to be very lax these days, and not just in this case.

Marcia Ford said...

Thanks for the reviews!

And Renegade Paladin, I agree completely. It's a problem across the board, in journalism schools and in media outlets, among writers, on-air readers, and editors. I could blog about Captain Obvious every day.