Friday, March 14, 2008

Barack Obama and His Pastor

Aside from the obvious, something about this whole Barack Obama-Jeremiah Wright situation has been troubling me. Before I could get my act and my thoughts together to blog about it, I came across a related post by Diana Butler Bass on the God's Politics blog on Beliefnet. As always, Diana said it much better than I ever could. "Putting Rev. Wright's Preaching in Perspective" is worth reading in its entirety.


Jim Houghton said...

Frankly, I'm pretty disappointed that you would hold up Diana Butler Bass' commentary for independent voters. Wright on multiple occasions has introduced politics into the pulpit. I am tired of partisanship in the church and Wright is as guilty as anyone of it. It's disappointing that you don't recognize this.

Marcia Ford said...

You're right, of course. The thing is, in that brief snippet that we kept seeing over and over again on the news, what I saw was rage against the government rather than partisanship (still not appropriate, however). It wasn't until after I uploaded the post that I saw the other clips of Wright. The thing that kept simmering in the back of my mind is this: My experience in black churches, though limited, has convinced me that some African-American church services are as much a social and cultural phenomenon as an opportunity for worship. There's no way I could stay in a church like Wright's, but that's because I go to church to worship. I'm not sure that's the case across the board. In my book, by the way, I make it clear that partisanship exists in all kinds of churches, liberal, evangelical, nondenominational, African-American, mainline, you name it.

I'll have to go back and re-read Diana's post. Maybe I misread it the first time. I didn't see a defense of partisanship in it.

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