Wednesday, March 12, 2008

We the Purple Web Site Goes Live

Tyndale House has created an über-cool web site for We the Purple: Faith, Politics and the Independent Voter, and it's now up and running. The site features bonus content, an excerpt from the book, a poll on the presidential election, and an opportunity to sign up for my monthly newsletter on issues of concern to independent voters.

The site's URL is I hope you'll bookmark it and visit from time to time. I'll be adding new content in the coming weeks.

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Anonymous said...

I read chapter one.. and I am hooked! I just ordered your book from

I would LOVE to have a lapel pin or bumper sticker that says WE THE PURPLE!!! How can we make that happen?

Marcia Ford said...

Sorry for the delayed response...Blogger has stopped notifying me when I get a comment. I love the idea of lapel pins and bumper sitckers. Let me look into that.

Thanks for commenting!