Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Keeping It Positive

Despite the way they feel deep down—their utter chagrin at the political climate in the U.S., the sense of urgency they feel regarding the need for political reform, the lack of leadership displayed by so many incumbents and candidates alike—the independent activists I know nearly always express their opinions in positive ways. That's so un-hip, you know? I mean, come on—where's the rage? Where's the outrage? Where's the—um—vitriolic, hate-filled, point-the-finger, blame-all-the-other-guys rhetoric?

Thank God, it's absent. That's not to say that all independents are so inclined, but I have to say that I'm surprised and impressed at the intelligent, unemotional, well-thought-out discourse that so many independent leaders exhibit. It's downright inspiring.

We would all do well to try to follow their example. It's so easy to be critical. Really, now, think about it—we all know the problems, though we may not agree on them. What's much more difficult is finding solutions. Independents are far more focused on solving problems, because they aren't distracted by trying to get particular candidates elected. As Jackie Salit likes to say, independents don't just care about what happens on Election Day; they care what happens all the other days of the year. I couldn't agree more.

From day one, I've tried to keep my political comments here positive. Some days it's hard, really, really hard. But I'm determined to continue being positive—because negativity is way too easy and the cheap way out. I won't stoop to that. I hope not, anyway.

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