Thursday, March 8, 2007

The New Moderate

Thought I'd take this opportunity to direct your attention to a fun and interesting blog launched by Rick Bayan, who offers up his take on the liberal, conservative, and moderate perspectives on the issues. He's calling for a new political party that would appeal to moderates—and others. Here's what he says about that:
The New Moderate used to wonder if we'd be better off without political parties at all, since they've devolved into petty, disputatious factions without any underpinnings of real principle. Why not just vote for the best candidate and shun party politics altogether? But I've concluded that parties are a necessary evil: they offer rising political stars the financial and organizational support they need to conduct their campaigns, and they contribute to the ideological tug of war that keeps our political debates lively. Unity is nice when you can get it, but universal assent would be deadening. Even The New Moderate confesses that we need to hear extremist dogma from both sides, if only so we can sift through it, reject the rubbish and formulate our own beautifully reasoned centrist opinions. I just wish the debate were more intelligent and less informed by the expediencies of electoral politics. Oh, and one more thing...

This country is overdue for a new and powerful centrist alternative to dueling Democrats and Republicans. The United States desperately needs a moderate party to represent the vast and sensible middle, whose vote everyone covets but whose interests few have been willing to represent. The new party would operate without favoritism toward the rich or poor, without special-interest agendas, without connections to lobbying groups.
Parties probably are a necessary evil, though I doubt I'd ever be inclined to join one. Otherwise, Bayan's thinking resonates with mine—especially further on in the post, when he advocates "Purple Power!" Definitely near to my heart.

Check out his blog. It's worth reading.

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