Monday, March 12, 2007

Political Website of the Day

I love quotations. I think I qualify as a quotation nerd. Quotation nerds understand people who say the two books they'd want to have if they were stranded on a deserted island are the Bible and Bartlett's Familiar Quotations (despite the significant overlap). I love quotations so much that it doesn't matter whether I agree with the sentiment or not. Good quotations make you think; great quotations make you think deeply; and the best quotations cause you to reflect on an even deeper level.

Ergo, I was delighted to stumble upon a remarkable collection of political quotations: Eigen's Political & Historical Quotations. I can't vouch for the site's self-description as "the world's largest collection of memorable quotes about and by historians, politicians and other public figures," but I will say this: I've been collecting quotations and quotation sites for years now, and I'm inclined to believe the claim.

Browsing the quotes on the site can be a bit cumbersome; quotes aren't searchable by broad categories but rather by very distinct keywords. That ordinarily wouldn't be a problem, but the site is so extensive that there are hundreds of keywords listed alphabetically on the "Concepts" page. Anyway, it's well worth the effort it takes to browse a topic.

Here are a few quotations I found earlier today:
America doesn't need a third party; it needs a second one.—Jim Hightower

In Arizona the two major political parties are relatively irrelevant....We just have a lot of individuals running for office.—Sam Steiger

There's almost nobody in our form of government that is totally independent, and if there were, he would probably be dangerous.—Fred Thompson

All third party nominees reflect a weakness in the major party candidates.—Mark Shields

I always get upset when people portray Republicans or Democrats as the majority. In Minnesota the two of them together don't make a majority.—Jesse Ventura
It should be apparent that I wouldn't agree with at least one of those.

So...what are some of your favorite political quotations?

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