Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Still Sifting...

...through all those "evangelical vote" links. One story that won't go away focuses on whether evangelicals are more likely to vote for black Christian Barack Obama or white Mormon Mitt Romney. Several months ago I read a comment on this very question that was posted (on another blog) by someone who was clearly not an evangelical. His comment went something like this: "Don't kid yourself. A white Mormon is much closer to the hearts of evangelicals than a black Christian is." I didn't comment on his comment; I figured in time he would see the light, and any comment I made at that moment would have been less than gracious. To me, and probably most evangelicals, his misunderstanding of evangelical thought is stunning. The issue of race is such a non-issue among evangelicals that we have to shake our heads in disbelief that people—nearly all of whom are outside the evangelical fold—are still bringing it up.

Seriously, if you're an evangelical—or semi-evangelical or evangelical-ish, which is highly likely since you're reading this blog—this should be as much of a puzzlement to you as it is to me. I realize people still get us confused with fundamentalists, but to think of us as racist is downright offensive.

I will get through this political season, this very long political season, with my peace of mind intact. I will not get angry. I will not. Somehow.

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